“Nick. Chip here.”

“The Minivan is parked out back as we discussed earlier.”

“If you need to cover and evacuate, Lunchbox is on standby in the compound rear to assist with any needed emergency egress.,” Chip reiterated.,”

Chip radioed as the Protection Team set up to debus and enter the main building. If things went wrong, I was in place to get the Client out the back gate in our undercover ride if going out the front in the hard car was not an option.

The minivan was a beat-up red colored bucket that looked like shit from the outside but was well maintained on the inside. No one would suspect the vehicle to be anything but a hunk of shit to ignore and that was the point. Keep a low profile, blend in, and roll unseen and unabated.

The minivan had zero armoring. Stealth was its armor. Go unnoticed was the motto and key it depended upon. Nick knocked on the hard car door and gave the PPO the all clear to break the seal on the door and get the Client moving. The motorcade drivers remained in place engines on in case of trouble and a needed fast move.

Alpha6 used the flexible diamond foot movement formation to escort the client inside. They were met at the interior by Chip who guided them the rest of the way to the office block where the meeting was to take place. Simon and his meeting counterpart from the Mayor’s Cell shook hands and sat down. As always, they broke into the fake Bullshit session that is near always what happens in a meeting almost immediately covering all the complimentary salutations and lies one could expect from the business world.

Alpha6 posted up and secured the Client and created an effective inner cordon as all the team members tried to screen out the Client driven spew that brought them all there. The meeting lasted just over an hour. Simon and the Mayor’s Attaché shook hands and we departed.

“Nick, I am seeing a trash truck loitering on a side street right across from our exit route.” Chip said noticing the truck clearly break the baseline given its behavior.

“I also see three motorcycle riders full tatt’ sleeves in white tank tops also loitering down the street another half block away.” Chip soberly reported. “There is definitely a hit team in place.”

Nick collected his thoughts. His brain savored moments like these. Moments of calm before the storm. For the moment, thanks to Chip’s sharp reporting, we had the edge, or so we thought. Something lifted from off the trash trucks roof.

It was a quadcopter drone rigged with high explosives.

“Threat.Threat.Threat.”, Chip called out. “Enemy drone bomb in play.”

Loitering munitions like this were cheap and effective tools used by all sides. It looked like today was going to be a bad day for Alpha6.

The quad copter raced over the Texas barriers constituting the compound’s exterior protection and slammed straight into the roof of our Hard Car. The detonation was shrill. We all mentally braced for bad news.

Our drivers were still with the vehicles and the hard car was being driven by Todd today.

“Shit that was close.” Todd exclaimed over the two-way.

When he heard the loitering munition threat call, he made the decision to exit the vehicle against protocol and suck up some available cover.

Like Todd we all knew- not every situation plays out according to drill. You have to make a tough call, a decision and act. This time his instincts played out well for him and the Team even if the hard car was a certain loss.

“Lunchbox, Ready.” Nick called out to check. “Roger,” I replied.

Nick, Trampas, Chip and Simon the Client were all on their way to the minivan. Nick decided to risk it and go mobile instead of waiting for another compound attack to continue or ensue.

“Swamp fox Base. This is Alpha6. Request QRF be deployed. Meet at pre-planned grid.” Nick waited for a reply as they entered the red van.

This was not an especially brilliant option, but it was the option. As the saying goes, “When in doubt, check the fuck out.” Cover and evacuate.

The most dangerous thing you can do is let the enemy influence the situation by hesitating. Do something. Make them respond to you and seize back the initiative.

Keep moving.

… Just like the real-world realities of today that Close Protection Teams Face in semi- and non-permissive environments, this fictional excerpt from the book, To My Son, details the danger-close possibilities that a team may encounter when protecting a Client that generates interest as a target for competing interests and terror groups alike.

In the fictional Setting of the book, To My Son, The Team Leader of Alpha6, Nick, led his team and performed his homework well for Simon, the Business Client. Who was being afforded Close Protection in the Gray Zone by the Fictional PMC Company referred to as SPEAR GROUP.

Earlier in the day and prior to the Team’s expected arrival at the target site, He sent out his advance team headed up by the ever-wise character known to us all as Chip.

Here’s what the excerpt doesn’t outline. The hard work and details of the Advance.

Chip’s primary duties being:
*Primary Mission – Conducts the site Survey.

  1. Prepares the target site for the Client’s curbside arrival and assumes the role of the visual lead for the formation upon arrival.
  2. Becomes the primary, onsite liaison with the Client’s hosts, press corps and other guests.
  3. Conducts recent, relevant route reconnaissance for Primary, Secondary and Exigent causeways for arrivals and departures.
  4. Identifies choke points and examines the environment for likely and potential attack sites.
  5. Pre-plan, insure and check on-site hard rooms and off-site safe havens.
  6. Sets up the site’s Mobile Command Post.
  7. Reviews REACT Plans for medical, fire and potential attacks.
  8. Establishes and maintains comms with the protection team during all movements on the day of the event.

Every mission-set is its own tapestry of risks, routines, and challenges.

Much of the artwork seen in every operation is performed, in part, by the Advance Team.


In a follow up to the excerpt, Patreon members have access to a an in-depth overview on the security advance and process behind it all blending fiction and reality.

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To My Son: Book I

Change continues to be the key driver promoting violence and the disintegration of long standing social behaviors that promote societal order. Change has come to be the carpet laying ambassador of the criminal insurgency we are experiencing today in 2040. The United States looks less united and more like a balkanized set of tribal territories, some adapting to the new business plan, some less so.

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