The California Power Grid is a shining example of our systems’ vulnerabilities. CA issued an alert and ‘order’ for citizens to refrain from charging electric vehicles and using residential AC.

California also ordered utility companies to temporarily halt scheduled maintenance on generators and transmission lines due to power grid consumption rates.

This has made CA residents and visitors vulnerable to state imposed brownouts and potential blackouts while heat in the state is climbing.

Separately: A “Flex Alert” advised citizens to set their thermostats to 78 degrees, not charge electric vehicles, avoid using large home appliances, and turn off unnecessary lights.

All of this occurred days after the state announced plans to ban the sale of gas powered vehicles and gas equipment over the coming years.

Many in the halls of government on every level appear to be accepting green initiatives that radically impact the lives and lifestyles of state residents without viable alternatives to replace the common use items vital to modern life.

Are you gaming how these engineered problems might directly impact your neighborhood, you and your families?

How do these problems impact your security, sustainment plans and lifestyle goals? What are your projections?

How are you mitigating the accompanying risks?

What suggestions or steps might others take?

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