SPECIAL REPORT: The Reality of American Divisions in 2022, Part 2

So, here we are careening through January into February hitting the rails back and forth as we continue to slip and slide in forward motion to some even sharper twists and turns here in America.

I do not know anyone personally who has not had to adjust in some manner to the very felt and often personal fallouts that have accompanied POTUS 46 taking office. Elections do have consequences and we will often unite or divide under those in leadership. In our present case, it appears division is still the soup d’jour.

Given even a sophomoric review of 2021, most of us will arrive at what in 2022 appears to be an expectation of more of the same, possibly worse:

None of what is listed above is something we might fear is happening, No, it is all something we can see with our own eyes unfolding daily. The American divide is real and not just some talking point on replay we can just turn off like a television set. Even as far back as the 2016 election cycle, Gallup polling recorded that 77% of Americans  perceived the nation as ‘Divided.’ 

Now with President Biden sitting on the empire’s throne, things have not gotten better or more united, but his policies and approaches have only bolstered assurances of any that had questions of where we are headed with a very sobering outlook that division is here to stay. It is highly doubtful that a President with an approval rating presently hovering around 33% will be anything more than a dud. The question then becomes, what do Americans do to combat the malaise we will most assuredly experience over the next three years? The answer – Self Rescue. 

Self Rescue is not a cop-out answer though some may deride it as such. Our focus must be to turn concern and worry into something useful – informed action. Whether we are contending with social upheaval, a continuing biological threat or supply chain disruptions and food shortages, the answer still becomes one of personal responsibility to assess the local terrain, time available to enact according behaviors wisely to mitigate problems and manage our interests and survivability.

Things in America will not sort themselves out overnight. So, it becomes an all-stakes game of not being swept up in the fallouts that accompany American division by making use of the information we collect and using it to transform our courses of action into useful waypoints bolstered by realistic expectations as we anticipate and weather shocks as we do our best to forecast future events.

The Reality of American Divisions in 2022

Part Three, coming soon!

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