No matter the event. No matter the harrowing tragedy.

My meter on gun control has already been pegged for quite some time.

The bottom line:
A. I will give nothing up.
B. I will never be disarmed.
C. See ‘B’.

As a close friend just reminded me…

” …our own government has instituted a policy of total war upon us. they’ve done it by instigating division, flaring racial, economic, social and religious inequality.

They don’t need to physically confront us, we will do it ourselves because of the environment they have cultivated.”

Expect more Depravity. Expect more violence. Expect government overreach.

Public Spaces are Battle Spaces. Treat them accordingly. Know the risks. Weigh the chances. Prepare accordingly. You make it safe or it isn’t safe.

I have seen plenty of violence in my time, and it’s aftermath has led me to only one convincing conclusion- to remain armed and vigiliant.

Your choices are simple:
1. Self Rescue.
2. Be a Victim.

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