The Battle Lab Staff asks you to be diligent, and pull back the curtain on everything that is shared with you, what your eyes observe, and as those signals are transformed electro-chemically in our brains as patterns to see and accept is quite significant.

There are forces of change and revolution that are hard at work sharing with you a narrative that offers you a choice between the carrot or the stick, and their target is the processes and operations of your very own mind and the decisions and behaviors you produce.

We are operating with one foot in the land of opportunity and courage while the other foot is firmly planted in the land of insecurity and fear. The choices offered to us, being simple. Choose between cultivating courage and confronting the narrative of the obedient, or living in fear of the waving stick, if you disagree with those operating within the newly demanded boundaries that limit the freedoms and liberties we already find diminishing before our eyes.

Fortunately, those looking to change America are following a certain, understandable set of patterns and routines.

The narrative that the Left in America is looking to implement parrots- that those who are not compliant and obedient to their brand of established and accepted norms are dangerous, to be shunned and their motives questioned. 

This simple act of insisting on a vision of separation, demands everyone choose. Choose between agreeing with the party or suffering the felt consequences of disagreement. 

Employing this diabolical narrative, allows those in power to influence behavior via the practice of choice. It is not a push over a cliff, but a very stiff nudge of indirect reinforcement for you to get with the new program, or to be subject to being left out and possibly punished for not bending the knee.

This choice architecture affects how laws are enforced, neighbors are viewed and how votes are influenced and gathered, and also, what degrees of freedom and restriction are offered.

It is the very real battle we all take part in every day. 

Your behaviors matter. Your choices matter. Your beliefs matter, and the courage you summon to defend your liberties and freedom absolutely matters. This is no future fight. This is the conflict you are confronted with every day.

Consider every narrative offered to you and examine it through the lens of choice architecture and choice theory. Remain alert to this. Make choices wisely, or have choices made for you.

Your obedience is being sought, not your patriotism.

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