Combat Mindset’s Quiet Partner – Attitude

Your bearing and orientation are critical, and it all starts with your attitude.

Life events are certain to serve you up friction and the risk of violence and death can often accompany such.

Have you taken a moment to consider what actions you might take in the face of your own fleeting mortality?

Once you do, attitude becomes your meaningful fundamental.

In the ruthless furnace of this cold world, attitude becomes the essential weapon. You impose your will with the direction and bearing attitude provides. Without it, you are less than able. Less than man.

We see the world according to our own instrumentation. Our attitudes are the reflection of the postures we take that evolve combat.

Your thoughts and experiences lead to beliefs, your beliefs lead to attitudes, and the attitudes you hold long enough become your character.

Everything is bound up inside our volition, our decisions and our actions. These give momentum to our behaviors.

The litmus tests in life depend on the thoughts, words and deeds that accompany our attitude.

Borrow the necessary behavior and act. Nothing extra. Keep moving.

Readiness, willingness and follow-through all depend on a refined attitude.

No one gets out of this life alive. Make it count.

Recognize that your combat mindset operates within the framework of your attitude and relies on the predisposition and orientation it provides.

Further consider that attitude guides your readiness, informs your will and promotes follow through on all your actions.

Self inventory. Find your gaps and sort your needs from your wants.

Polish. Grow.

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