NOW is a culminating point. Combat too shares this intersection and attribute.

When combat occurs, you are present, for better or worse, with all your recent, relevant training, your habits (good and bad), your fitness, your preparedness, your faults and all of your short-comings, at once.

Mags topped off or black on ammo, tools in hand or not- combat is unforgiving and will move you from point A to point B, like it or not. Attention to the details is born of necessity and combat separates what’s nice from what is necessary.

Combat is the crucible of both life and meaning.

Combat doesn’t care if you are tired, or if your life at home is sorted or not.

Combat doesn’t care if you missed your last meal or have hopes for a planned future with your loved ones.

Combat is combat.

Your condition. Is it the results of choice or happenstance?

What did you bring extra?


What did you bring less of?


There is only one way and that way is Forwards. Attack. Being idle in combat will punch your ticket for a meeting with the boatman on the river Styx without reservation.

You can’t stumble. You can’t rush. You’ve got to measure distance and take a bat to it and push. Maintain focus, composure and channel your efforts.

Defense has never been an option. Being defensive just means you die slowly. It means you really didn’t prepare for this day. For this moment. It means you didn’t think it through.

Sudden violence separates the talkers from the doers quickly.

Take control. Self-govern. Achieve.

Decide. Execute. Become. Become the thing that hunts other hunters, calculated and controlled. Become what your enemy fears most.

Know your target and efficiently evolve with the friction that accompanies the task and know that losing isn’t an option. Losing will separate you from all you love, your plans for a future and likely your life altogether.

Concentrate and associate with your chosen targets. Invoke the necessary outcomes. Disassociate from stress and fear.

Achieving victory is relative. It means you’ve managed to get from point A to B. You have bought some time and territory with your sacrifices. You can lose it just as fast as you secured it.

Victory means the cycle begins again. It means you have an opportunity to carry on the struggle.

All of this is decided, NOW. In that culminating point that leaves you naked, vulnerable and exposed.

Orient yourself.

You can’t plan, fight or maneuver in the absence of an initial position. Map it out in advance. Get your shit straight. It’s all at stake. Everything. That’s the gift of combat. It defines what is of value and what’s not. That’s the gift of NOW.

In the space of a breath, make your move and Keep moving.

Like it or not, this is your lot, Warfighter. The culminating point. Accept it.

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